21st February 2014

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18th February 2014

From catastrophe to success

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Integrated health coaching is a powerful tool to deal with growing pressure and stress

We have observed that one-to-one and group coaching usually provide appropriate learning for anyone who is wanting or needing to reduce pressure and beat stress. Our coaching process works particularly well for those on a steep learning curve in new roles, taking on demanding challenges, feeling worn down or facing “yet more change.”

The Benefits of Integrated Health Coaching

Because coaching is tailored to specific needs and situations, particular work on relevant priorities can be done, making it easier to focus, measure change and monitor success.


Most people enjoy and are motivated by the type of contact the coach has with them as a client. This encourages a relationship based on trust and respect. As a result the depth and breadth of work is considerable, often in a short or concentrated time.

Learning from coaching usually involves a number of short regular sessions conducted over an agreed period of time. This provides more opportunities to test out fresh ideas and experiment with different behaviour.

The coaching process is built around flexibility, so that at any point a shift in focus to what is critical for the client at that point, can easily be made.

Group coaching provides the opportunity to explore collective issues and challenges. This leads to joint commitments that provide greater support for making change and achieving better, sustainable outcomes.

Our Overall Approach

We firstly meet with the client, or have a teleconference, to confirm that the match with the coach is the right one. This also provides an opportunity for us to begin to understand what the client needs, and for them to know how the coaching will work.

Specific goals and outcomes are explored and agreed. Initial measures are identified, making use of supportive data from questionnaires, self-reflection, assessment and testing of skill levels.

Sessions focus on what is most relevant for the client at that particular point, in relation to the agreed goals.

Real “assignments” are set up and carried out between sessions.

Progress is reviewed and fresh approaches introduced.

Overall outcomes are summarised and further actions agreed, to enable the client to continue to move forward and make changes.

Our group coaching sessions follow a similar process based on a contract with the whole group and collective outcomes.

Our Style

We follow a process that we have jointly developed, called Coherent Coaching™

This involves five key elements:

  • We ensure that Clients are always aware of where they are in the learning/change process.
  • We always discuss why we are using particular methods, tools or approaches and what we are hoping to achieve with them.
  • We use a balance of support and encouragement, coupled with challenging feedback, necessary to promote strong desire for the client to take action and commit to change.
  • We remain focused on the goals that the client has set, at all times. We continuously review progress against these goals.
  • We follow up between sessions as agreed with the client. This may involve sending relevant materials, posting reminders, asking appropriately challenging questions or reviewing work in progress.

Scheduling & Pricing

Our business rate is £300-£500 per session + VAT [This usually ranges from 2-3 hours]. Travel costs are dependent on where the coaching will take place.

Group coaching is usually priced at a half day rate of £700-£800.

Many clients find it helpful to schedule 3 or 6 sessions, for a time period spanning 1-6 months.

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