21st February 2014

Four actions that managers and leaders need to take to reduce growing pressure

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18th February 2014

From catastrophe to success

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  • Personal resilience and emotional intelligence – is there a link?

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  • When will organisations really take stress seriously?

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  • Manage stress and mental health to improve performance

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One of the core elements in all of our work with individuals, groups and organisations is the ability to provide an initial measure and base point, using a variety of instruments that we have developed and evolved.  These start points make it easier for each individual or group to measure progress and to focus on priority needs.

The Personal Resilience Index®

This on-line tool is based on developing a high level of personal resilience, a critical management and leadership capability, across six core components.

Team resilience

Our Personal Resilience Index® now has an additional section on team resilience factors. This provides pinpoint data about where the collective resilience gaps exist, within any group.

The Balance in Business Questionnaire

This highly validated profile, will help individuals to identify specific areas of their work & life where they have signs which indicate that pressure exists for them. These pressure points need to be addressed to prevent them developing into patterns of chronic illness or stress. They will also indicate where individuals can make changes in order to maintain optimal performance during times of potential stress.

The Optimal Health Questionnaire

This tool identifies the main areas where an individual will experience parts of their life/work as being out of balance and provides them with a focus to achieve the appropriate blend in their current circumstances.  The results also help them to decide what they want to achieve and how to move forward to deal with imbalances.  Ongoing coaching can provide the support necessary to sustain changes.

The Organisation Health Profile

This easily completed, electronic questionnaire, was designed to provide a more specific tool measuring organisational and group health. The facilitated process identifies where pressures and stressors exist with a team, group or whole organisation. The results are fed back to those responsible for taking action and support is provided to applying and sustaining changes. The key messages will enable the organisation to be more resilient in times of change and build resistance when things get tough.

Influence & Impact

Influence is a critical skill in today’s complex organisation structures, particularly where key individuals need to rely on personal skills to achieve outcomes with a wide range of very different stakeholders.

The Influence and Impact Survey is a powerful instrument which can be used in 3 ways:

  • As a stand-alone self-diagnostic tool to help individuals understand their current use of influence behaviours and where they can increase their impact.
  • During 1:1 coaching where the questionnaire enables individuals to focus on which skills need to be developed to effectively deal with specific influence situations.
  • As an integral component of participating in our Influence and Impact Workshop which provides the opportunity for individuals to develop their overall Influence approach, achieve flexibility of style and improve behaviours in a range of situations.

We recommend that clients put in place a re-test to accurately gauge progress against goals and confirm what to continue developing to achieve their goals.

We also observe best results when these instruments are used as part of a coaching, training or development process for change.

Contact us if you want to know more about any of these profiles and to explore how they might support you, your team, or your organisation.

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