21st February 2014

Four actions that managers and leaders need to take to reduce growing pressure

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18th February 2014

From catastrophe to success

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  • Personal resilience and emotional intelligence – is there a link?

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  • When will organisations really take stress seriously?

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  • Manage stress and mental health to improve performance

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Consequences of stress

When stress becomes an issue there are a wide range of possible consequences for individuals, teams and across whole parts of the organisation. These would typically include:

For the individual

  • Demotivated
  • Stops caring
  • Hard to concentrate
  • Relationships suffer – both work and home
  • Communication gets worse
  • Health begins to suffer
  • They make mistakes
  • Decision making is hard
  • Depression can start to deepen
  • …plus a wide range of other symptoms.

For the team

  • Increased conflicts
  • Imbalanced workloads
  • Focus on protecting self
  • Lack of support & care
  • Blaming of others for problems
  • Issues are not dealt with
  • An excessive hours culture develops
  • Competition rises
  • Resources are overstretched

For the organisation

  • Staff turnover increases
  • Productivity and efficiency suffer
  • Presentee-ism happens more and more
  • Pressure on team members due to staff shortages or numbers of inexperienced newcomers
  • Quality of work goes down
  • Errors increase
  • Communication deteriorates
  • Commitment levels go down
  • Customer service and response gets worse
  • People are less supportive of each other
  • Morale suffers
  • Absenteeism increases
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