21st February 2014

Four actions that managers and leaders need to take to reduce growing pressure

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18th February 2014

From catastrophe to success

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  • Personal resilience and emotional intelligence – is there a link?

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  • When will organisations really take stress seriously?

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  • Manage stress and mental health to improve performance

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Managing Pressure for managers

A 1 day programme for managers, which focuses on ways they can most appropriately support their staff to deal with the demands they face and reduce the pressures they experience. At the same time understanding how they can take care of themselves.

Areas covered include:

  • Early identification of the signs of growing pressure and stress
  • Taking action to reduce some of the pressure that staff experience
  • Developing and providing appropriate support mechanisms
  • Carrying out conversations in pressure situations
  • The effect their management style and approach has on generating pressure

Dealing with pressure

A one day programme that is suitable for all employees who need to find ways of:

  • Thinking differently about difficult situations
  • Developing a range of coping strategies to deal with daily pressures
  • Positively responding to the specific pressures they are experiencing
  • Increasing and maintaining their energy throughout the day and week
  • Remaining healthy and productive at work
  • Preventing the onset of stress
  • Getting support when it is most needed

Building Personal Resilience

A one-day programme that also includes follow-up support, for anyone who wants to build their strength and skills in The Six Components of Personal Resilience®.

This will particularly help them to:

  • Understand how to develop their personal resilience
  • Deal with continuous change
  • Manage periods of high demand
  • Bounce back from difficult situations
  • Remain confident and proactive under pressure
  • Prevent chronic stress
  • Sustain healthy energy

State of mind

This 1 day workshop aims to provide insights and tools that will help managers to promote mental health, develop positive thinking strategies for themselves, and build emotional intelligence within their teams.

Areas we include are:

  • What does state of mind mean and how people respond to the issues and challenges that affect their state of mind
  • Developing a positive mental state and providing an example as a manager
  • Responding to others’ concerns, anxieties and “difficult” emotional states
  • Managing the effect that non-work situations have on people in the workplace
  • Dealing with loss of confidence & lowered self-esteem
  • Dealing with differences in thinking that can generate conflict

Negotiating for success

Everything is negotiable, so this workshop will particularly help specialists to have positive conversations and meetings with their external and internal clients, which result in more successful, win/win outcomes.

A series of practical inputs, activities and real situations will:

  • Develop specific skills that each individual has identified
  • Improve their understanding of using a negotiating process
  • Test out different approaches and strategies
  • Increase confidence dealing with more experienced “experts”
  • Deal with the difficult tactics that others employ
  • Resolve conflicts and differences

New for 2014: the team resilience challenge

This programme will provide a very different opportunity to:

  • Agree what the team will need to do, to become more resilient
  • Practice their team resilience skills in dealing with obstacles and the challenges they face
  • Test out their new found resilience in a challenging and demanding task
  • Make collective commitments on the ways that they will continuously review and build their resilience capability
  • Establish the means to sustain changes and measure progress
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